Saturday 4 May Race report

The second Saturday race took place on May 4th and the force was with all who took part!  

Due to available crew 3 boats raced with 15 crew on board while Naneen remained on her mooring.  Wind was better than forecast at 10 gusting up to 16kts in westerly direction. This gave an N6 course – Salthill, Harbour, Poldy, Bay, Pier and Turning, Finish (colour denotes port / starboard rounding). Low tide was 15.05 so early flood was a factor in spring tides.

At the start Garavogue and Estelle sailed into the hut before tacking to port with Garavogue having the inside line. Both sailed out to towards the lay line while Geraldine took the inshore route which was the wiser choice as she was first to Salthill. Garavogue having tacked inshore ahead of Estelle claimed 2nd spot at the mark with Estelle rounding hard on her heels.

The reach out to Harbour proved that spotting the mark early and setting the correct course is important. Geraldine went high up the bay while Estelle and Garavogue had a private battle for supremacy but generally heading more directly for the mark. At harbour mark however Geraldine had a hotter lay line approach and again held top spot with Estelle winning the battle with Garavogue to take 2nd place.

On the long broad reach out to Poldy mark knowledge proved valuable again. All 3 boats sailed a low course with Garavogue heading more towards Bullock. Having passed Pier mark and using it to figure out where Poldy really was Estelle found it first and made a significant course change onto a run with jib poled out. Geraldine followed quickly but on opposite tack and Estelle held a short lead at the mark with Garavogue bring up the rear close on Geraldine's heels having a faster reach from deep inside.

Approaching Bay Mark all boats headed towards Bullock harbour initially making use of the flood tide lift. Estelle, leading, tacked a little early while Geraldine and Garavogue headed deeper inshore. Estelle soon decided to cover the other two and tacked back to lee bow Geraldine who had made up good ground with two fewer tacks. Estelle narrowly led Geraldine around Bay Mark and the two settled into a competitive last 2 legs to Pier and turning. After approx. 90 minutes of race time the final result Estelle, followed by Geraldine less than a minute behind with Garavogue 3rd a little way behind having taken a slightly more scenic route.

A number of new crew to the Twentyones were on board and the conditions and racing were deemed really excellent by all with great enthusiasm for this classic fleet. Après sail at NYC was enlivened by the Leinster battle with Northampton which thankfully ended with the right result.

Overall a really good day