Tuesday 14 May 2024: Race Report

On Tuesday the 14th of May, all 4 Twentyone boats set out to race on a very enjoyable evening in Dublin bay. High tide had just passed at 17:41 and the weather was dry with east north-easterly winds blowing between 5 and 10 kts occasionally. The race officer decided upon a C3 course with a yellow-line start from the hut. That meant the course to steer was Kp, Lp, Ap, Bs, Xp, which corresponds to Boyd, Merrion, Salthill, Saoirse and Turning, with the usual orange finish line. 

Garavogue approached the start line sailing close into the harbour wall a few seconds too early and therefore had to gybe just before crossing. Meanwhile Naneen, Geraldine and Estelle all chose to cross the line somewhat closer to the pin-end of the line where the ebb tide was stronger and may have affected their progress. 

Approaching Boyd, Naneen tacked early on her lay line, but she had already sailed too far to port of Garavogue, which was now lower on the mark. Garavogue, therefore, stayed on to cross in front of her and went above the yellow-hulled beauty before laying her own line of attack to Boyd. In that tactic, Garavogue gave Naneen dirty air and managed to round Boyd about 4 boat lengths ahead of her. With the black and yellow boats leading Geraldine and Estelle, the rest of the competition turned into a soldiers’ race. 

On the run to Merrion, Naneen once again received dirty air, but this time from a boat in another fleet starboard. This allowed Garvogue’s lead to grow as she rounded Merrion on the reach to Salthill. About 45 seconds later, Naneen rounded Merrion, followed by Geraldine and Estelle each vying for 3rd position. 

After rounding Salthill tightly, an uncomfortable feeling momentarily gripped the 6 sailors aboard Garavogue. Struggling to spot Saoirse, the leaders brought out a pair of binoculars and, after a few brief minutes, they were able to relax again having located the dark green mark with the red hat. Naneen, Geraldine and Estelle continued to pursue Garavogue but, alas, the leader was too far ahead to be caught. Rounding Turning mark, the finishing sequence remained Garavogue followed by Naneen a good minute later, trailed by Geraldine and Estelle in that order. 

Final result

1. Garavogue

2. Naneen

3. Geraldine

4. Estelle 

Wind strength increased mid-way through the race, but that didn’t mar the enjoyable evening sail in any way. Various boat's crew took turns helming, and a total of 21 sailors turned out for the race. 

Back ashore in the NYC, the usual après sail banter and post-mortems were had with most of the sailors remaining on for victuals, libations and laughs. 

Next race Saturday 18 May 2024.